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MySQL Database as a Service (DBaaS) supercharged by GEMServers

Tailor-made, white-glove, managed data delivery systems

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Shocking Speed

We harness the power and scale of Google Compute infrastructure, with self-aware, self-learning, agile data acceleration, and hyper-fast throughput. 69% faster than MySQL InnoDB, and 20X faster than Amazon Aurora RDS!

Lockdown Security

Defense in depth, VPNs and subnets, E2E encryption, chained online or offline migration options, bio, passwordless, Oath2, and geo-location confinement auth options, and full auditing atop Google's leading data security.

Availability Galore

Rest easy with the knowledge that your data is always available under our redundant systems, including real-time backups, auto scaling and load balancing, self-healing and recovery, and Persistent Disk maintain your data delivery systems like no other.

Concierge Support

We know how important your data is to you and your business. We assign site reliability engineers that know your business and your specific systems. You'll know who you're dealing with when you need assistance, 24/7.

"The Formula 1 of Cloud DBaaS, so fast it's just not fair"

You should be free to focus on growing your business, not managing and maintaining traditional high-cost, low-return database systems. GEMServers' fully-managed, relational database delivery out-performs all others, including Amazon RDS, with a service support level they can't touch.

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