Cloud delivery technology that ADAPTS to YOUR
unique NEEDS

20x faster than Amazon AWS!

We leverage the perfect blend of

Rock Solid Foundation with Google Cloud

We combine Google Cloud Platform's unsurpassed security, performance, reliability, and scale into completely custom storage and delivery systems that specifically address your current needs, and anticipate and adapt to your future needs.

No other enterprise cloud host provides the flexibility or the sheer number of options:

  • Custom tailored virtual machines
  • Kubernetes/Vitess containers
  • 4-32 core, high-memory VM's
  • Persistent SSD disk (200% + faster)
  • App Engine's scalable web applications
  • Top 3 Green Datacenter ranking
  • Limitless cross-region replication
  • Auto scaling and load balancing
  • Hot disk, CPU, and RAM resizing
  • Private VPN and subnetwork
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Self-learning, self-healing

And those are just to name a few!

We serve data and apps faster, and that's a fact!

Evolved system protection

Defense in depth that moves cloud into lockdown cloud.

On top of the Google’s top-notch datacenter and network security, we add layer upon layer of ever-tightening security, including firewalls(WAF), monitoring and triggers for DDoS detection and mitigation, deep scans for malicious code and processes, and automated countermeasures all designed to keep your data, applications, and services safe. Additional weapons in our arsenal:

  • Secure VPN and Subnets
  • Multi-authenticiation features
  • Passwordless, bio, and proximaty control
  • Access notifications and remote blocks
  • OAuth 2 key propagation across regions
  • Full forensic auditing and chain of evidence
  • HTTP/2 SSL acceleration
  • Free domain validated SSL certs
  • End to end encryption, including at rest
  • monitoring, countermeasures, and mitigation
  • Written security guarantee

Live migration without service interruptions!

Endurance under any condition

You need your applications, data, and sites to scale with demand, instantly, fluidly, and accurately.

At GEMServers, we deploy machine learning and policies that fully automate and protect your systems. No other cloud hosting company comes close to our reliability and scalability.

  • Auto scaling and load balancing
  • Live backups and self-healing
  • Litless cross-region replication
  • Multiple failover management option
  • Automatic live VM migration

And those are just to name a few!

GEMServers DBaaS 30% faster than MySQL InnoDB!

The best pit crew in the cloud

So unlike the normal mediocre call center, ticket support system, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't handle technical support this way.

We assign your own site reliability engineers (SRE), and yoru own account concierge. They know your business, your systems, and your needs. And you and your team will always know who you are talking with when you need assistance.

  • Assigned Site Realibility Engineers
  • Assigned Account Concierge
  • Stackdriver monitoring system
  • Immediate support response, 24/7
  • Consultive and preventive care
  • Full reporting and monitoring

We harness the power of only the best cloud technology partner

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