GEMServers is entirely about delivering WordPress, fast, secure, and to scale. A lot of hosting companies claim to be "managed" WordPress hosting providers. But the truth is that those other guys promise a lot and deliver very little. Don't be fooled. Compare what they really offer with GEMServers WordPress delivery.

Every hosting plan we offer includes:

Domain and site deployment

  • We install all WordPress instances
  • We can resgister your domain names
  • First WordPress site migration included
  • Additional site migrations optional
  • High performance DNS management
  • 1 for 1 staging sites included
  • No-cost, no-obligation site evaluation

gemVault™ defense-in-depth security

  • SSL/HTTPS default site configuration
  • Domain validated SSL certificate included
  • SSD and HDD disk encryption
  • Superior network and site firewalls (WAF)
  • Deep scanning, monitoring, countermeasures
  • Launchkey passwordless user authentication
  • Written security guarantee - Learn more. . .

The fastest most reliable servers

  • Powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • GCE High Memory VMs 4 to 32 cores
  • Custom Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.04 Server OS
  • Supercharged MySQL instances
  • Full HTTP/2 SSL acceleration - 60% faster!
  • Low-latency Google Anycast DNS servers
  • 200% faster SSD Persistent disks

Maintenance and Monitoring

  • Realtime server and site health checks
  • Automatic server migration during maintenance
  • Automatic updates for WordPress core
  • Automatic updates for available plugins
  • Daily encrypted backups of all files and data
  • Full control over staging and production updates
  • Full plugin and theme version control

Additional Performance Optimizations

  • GEMServers ultra-fast CDN
  • Redis caching servers included
  • PHP 7—superior performance over HHVM
  • PHP Fast CGI in all available versions
  • NGINX granular load balancing policies
  • Smart gemCDN fast static file delivery
  • Ability to detect and autotune during load spikes

Valet class support and reporting

  • Expert WordPress and hosting support specialists
  • 24-7 prioritized gemSupport system
  • Access to our approved WordPress designers
  • Instance snapshots and monthly usage reports
  • Dyn Internet Intelligence access for your site
  • CDN usage, delivery, and performance analytics
  • Email alerts keep you informed

Choose the best delivery system for your needs


GEM-V1's extraordinary performance is built on our GCE High Memory VM, with 12GB of RAM, Redis, SSH + Git + WP-CLI access, and supercharged MySQL database. This is truly an unmatched high-performance WordPress delivery system!

20 Sites
150GB BW

We developed GEM-V2 for sites that handle millions of monthly pageviews. RAM from GEM-V1 is increased to a whopping 32GB—3x the resources of our nearest competitors. A private instance of accelerated MySQL, along with optional autoscaling blow similar platforms away.

25 Sites
250GB BW

For organizations that need high performance and the ability to quickly reach customers across multiple geographic locations, there is GEM-V3. This load-balanced pair of GEM-V2s, located in the zones of your choosing, can store 2.5TB and handle tens of millions of monthly pageviews. Breathtaking WordPress performance!

25 Sites
500GB BW

GEM-V4 takes GEM-V3 and increases the number of ultra-high performance, high memory, load balanced VMs to three. Autoscaling is included for the most demanding load spikes and traffic. Enterprise level WordPress delivery is now a reality!

25 Sites
600GB BW

Don't see the solution you need? We'll create it! Contact us for a 1 on 1 enterprise level hosting consultation today.

Pricing show above is for US Datacenters. International Datacenters may incur minor additional fees.

Need more resources? Add just what you need

If you need a different amount, just ask us. We'll work with you!

Additional Domains and SSL Certificates

  • Additional Domain Names starting at $ 15/y
  • Additional Single Domain SSL $ 40/y
  • Multiple Domains SSL $ 60/y
  • Wildcard Sub-domains SSL $ 140/y
  • Single Domain - Extended validation SSL $ 220/y
  • Multiple Domains - Extended validation SSL $ 320/y

Additional Bandwidth

  • 500GB Additional Bandwidth$ 50/mo
  • 1TB Additional Bandwidth$ 120/mo

Additional Disk

  • 20GB Additional SSD$ 40/mo
  • 100GB Additional SSD$150/mo

Additional gemCDN™

  • 500GB Additional CDN$ 50/mo
  • 1TB Additional CDN$ 100/mo
  • 5TB Additional CDN$ 350/mo
  • 10TB Additional CDN$ 450/mo
  • 15TB Additional CDN$ 550/mo

Frequent Answers for Pre-Sales Questions

Please let us know if you have other questions. We'll be happy to assist.

Do you offer email hosting?

We support auto-generated (transactional) emails from your WordPress site(s) up to 1,000 per month. If you need to send more transactional site messages, or you need to send marketing email messages (like newsletters), we can set you up with our Mailjet partner. However, we don't offer full IMAP or POP mail support. If you need full email hosting we recommend Google Apps for Work, and we will set that up and manage it for you for an additional monthly fee.

Can I get a new domain name through GEMServers?

Yes, indeed you can. You can secure your new domain during the sign-up process, and then through the GEM Client Portal. And the first domain is included in your hosting plan!

Do you restrict themes or plugins?

With very few exceptions we do not restrict what plugins or themes you choose to deploy. However, there are a few that interfere with our platform processes or are known for significantly impacting server performance. Here is the current list of plugins we don't allow:

We recommend that you always test new plugins and themes on your staging site before you add them to your production site(s).

Do you guys allow FTP access to my files?

No. FTP is an insecure file management system. We do offer SSH/SFTP file access on GEM-V1 or higher.

Do you offer phone support?

We offer phone and chat support for GEM-V2 and higher. But that does not mean that support for our lower tier package are not treated with the same sense of urgency. We specifically designed our e-ticket support system to quickly track and address support concerns, and we urge all customers to use that method first.

Can I use subdomains like

Yes. You can use a subdomain just like any other domain name you own.

Does GEMServers offer a formal anti-harassment policy?

Yes. GEMServers is committed to providing a safe, and inviting community regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or sexual orientation. We do not permit any site content or activity that promotes intimidation, harassment, abuse, discrimination, or demeaning behavior toward any individual or group of people. Site owners found to be in violation of this anti-harassment policy are subject to immediate account suspension and expulsion from our services, without refund.

Do you require a contract?

No. You are can terminate services with us at anytime without penalty. Although that would make us sad and we' we'll try our very best to never give you reason to do that.

Why is GEMServers different from other "managed" host companies?

Some companies like to brag about how they are WordPress "managed" hosting companies. They define "managed" as performing a few routines tasks like updates and backups. But that barely makes a dent in the much larger list of critically important maintenance and management tasks required to keep your site secure, optimized, and performing as it should.

GEMservers is TOTAL management for WordPress. From domain names, managed DNS, and SSL certificates, to installations and staging, pretested updates, encrypted backups, performance optimizations, and analytics—we take care of all this and a whole lot more. You can focus on growing your business and your bottom line.

What about SSL certificates?

We provide your first single domain SSL certificate at no additional charge. We can procure additional SSL certificates, including wildcard, multiple domain, and extended validation certificates for an additional fee.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes. We offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with GEMServers, we will refund your hosting fee if you cancel within 30 days of your initial plan signup.

Are there themes you recommend?

We don't endorse themes generally, but we will offer our thoughts on specific themes you are interested in deploying.

How does GEMServers compare to other hosting companies?

We don't like to compare our hosting to what other companies offer because we believe our delivery platform is unique in the industry. However, unlike traditional hosting companies we designed our hosting packages entirely around serving WordPress pages lightning fast, coupled to the tightest, defense-in-depth security protection ever created for WordPress. We're serious hosting for serious WordPress sites, but with a great sense of humor ;-)

Will you move my existing site to GEMServers?

Yes. We will move up to two sites over to your new hosting account. Additional site migrations are available for an extra fee.

Do you offer a security guarantee?

Yes. We know there are a lot of companies that claim to have good security. But we believe we have the best security available for WordPress hosting, and we back that up with the only written guarantee we know of. Please learn more about our security and our guarantee. . . .

Does every site have to be HTTPS only?

Yes and no. With todays HTTPS acceleration features there is no reason not to protect your site and your site users. Plus Google will give your sites better search rankings if they are HTTPS only sites. We encourage HTTPS for all web sites, and your first single domain SSL certificate is included in your hosting plan. However, we understand that there may be reasons why some customers prefer not to run their site under HTTPS only. We'll make exceptions for those.

I already have my own domain name. Can I use it?

Yes. Just add the current domain name in the field provided in our Site Installation Order form.

I already have a SSL certificate. Can I use that one?

Yes. As long as your current SSL certificate meets SHA-2/TLS2 minimum standards. You will need to provide your key and cert files, which can be done in your GEM Client portal account.

Do you allow adult only content?

Sites hosted on GEMServers may include tasteful art or educational content that contains nudity. However, we do not allow pornographic content on our servers. Sites containing pornographic content will be in violation of our terms of service agreement, and may be taken down without notice

Do you offer managed DNS services?

Absolutely. We partner with Dyn, the best DNS provider in the business. If you choose to have us manage your DNS host records, and you should, we will transfer your existing DNS host account. DNS management is included in all GEMServers hosting packages.

Will you host non-WordPress applications?

GEMServers is a WordPress delivery platform, designed from the ground up for WordPress. That said, we realize there may be legitimate non-WordPress applications that users need. If you choose GEM-V1 delivery or above, we will assess non-WordPress needs on a case by case basis and make acceptions at our discretion.

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