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GEMServers WordPress hosting is powered by Google Cloud and supercharged by GEMServers

Lightning fast, incredibly secure, and unlimited scale

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Lightning Fast

We harness the power and scale of Google Compute Engine's infrastructure, our agile application data acceleration, and our own proprietary features to provide unprecedented page loading speed and scalability.

Incredibly Secure

No one knows data security better than Google, and no one knows WordPress security better than we do. From DDoS detection and mitigation, to our proprietary defense in depth countermeasures, no other hosting provider protects WordPress better.

Precisely Maintained

Rest easy knowing that your site is being maintained by professionals so you don't have to. We create daily encrypted backups of your site, stored in our secured GVault storage. Complete WordPress site updates, including plugins.

Superior Support

We know how important your site is to you and your business. Every team member, no matter the job title, is part of our support team. We do what it takes to solve challenges for our clients quickly, professionally, and with a personal touch.

It's not managed hosting if it's not truly managed!

You should be free to focus on your site content and growing your busines, not forced to manage and maintain your website and hosting processes. GEMServers fully-managed delivery for WordPress is like having your own expert hosting concierge!

GEMServers WordPress Delivery

What WordPress managed hosting was meant to be:

  • We'll evaluate your existing site at no cost
  • We'll help you choose the right hosting plan
  • We'll migrate your existing WordPress website
  • We'll configure your site for HTTPS at no extra charge
  • We'll install your WordPress staging and live sites
  • We'll help you install your themes and plugins
  • We'll pretest and update WordPress core and all plugins
  • We'll pretest and update themes for GEM-V3 and higher
  • We'll monitor, protect, and keep your site secure
  • We'll manage your scaling and load balancing needs
  • We'll include automated backups of all files and data
  • We'll include your first SSL certificate
  • We'll manage your domain names and DNS records
  • We'll provide detailed analytics of your site traffic

Other "managed" Hosting

What they actually provide:

  • Update WordPress core
  • Basic updates for some plugins
  • Do-it-yourself WordPress installer
  • Self-managed backup support, if any
  • Confusing control panels focused on selling more stuff

"After three so-called 'managed WordPress' hosting companies we finally found one that really manages everything for us. GEMServers is outstanding."

Coldwell Banker

Mehdi Ghannadan

We harness the power of only the best cloud technology partner

WordPress Managed Hosting with Google Cloud Platform