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Powered by Google and other top tech industry partners, WordPress hosting comes of age

MINNEAPOLISNov. 4, 2015GEMServers — WordPress currently powers a quarter of all websites according to the latest report by W3Techs. That’s nearly 77 million web sites. And the popularity of the CMS continues to rise. Until now, choosing a hosting service meant being forced to use either traditional do-it-yourself hosting that’s not optimized for WordPress, or so-called WordPress “managed” hosting services that still put far too many site management tasks in the lap of the site owner.

In response to the need for better WordPress hosting performance and support, GEMServers just launched their fully managed, hyper-optimized hosting platform.

“We kept seeing the same problems with conventional hosting companies,” explained John Teague, Founder of GEMServers. “Frustrated site owners who either get lured into one of the big hosting mills that are not resourced or secured for modern WordPress sites, or they end up with companies who claim to manage their sites, but really don’t manage much at all.”

GEMServers is a WordPress only hosting company. According to Teague, they customized each hosting option to exceed the demands of WordPress site owners, from the smaller entry level variety to sites that need to handle tens of millions of pageviews per month. “We’re focused on customers who are serious about their web site’s performance, security, and reliability. We take care of the installs, updates, backups, domain names, SSL certificates, DNS records, and other critical tasks so they can focus on their site content, reaching their customers, and growing their business.”

GEMServers brought together some of the leading names in the web tech industry to create their WordPress hosting service. Google Compute Engine provides their high-performance virtual machines that power the scalable hosting platform. “We spent months testing our options, and when we compared Google Cloud to Amazon (AWS) and others, there was no question that Google was a better choice in every category that counted, said Teague.”

One big difference between GEMServers and other hosting services is database performance. They run highly optimized private instances of MySQL (the default database for WordPress) resulting in true enterprise class performance and security. “One real challenge with CMS’s is that database performance can rapidly deteriorate under high loads, leading to sluggish site performance. We solve that problem by providing upwards of 300% increases in database performance,with significant reductions in bandwidth and far less maintenance. It’s like supercharging your database,” says Teague. “And that directly translates into much faster page loads.”

For content delivery, GEMServers created gemCDN. GEMServers is able to plug customers directly into it’s ultra-fast CDN network and analytics tools. GEMServers can quickly reroute secured CDN traffic to precise geographic locations based on where their customers needs them the most, sticking to the focus on increasing and maintaining speed.

Every GEMServers hosting package includes gemVault, which is their proprietary defense-in-depth security firewall and countermeasures system. gemVault adds focused hosting security on top of Google’s impressive network and datacenter security. They also add Wordfence Premium security, which is the best application endpoint protection available for WordPress, adding it’s own internal firewall, monitoring, and countermeasures features. GEMServers also offers a written security guarantee.

An additional level of security comes through Launchkey’s passwordless authentication for WordPress. Authentication options include mobile fingerprint scan and facial recognition, geolocation, as well as PIN codes, pattern codes, and more. As John Teague describes it, “Launchkey allows us to remove passwords from WordPress completely. They can’t steal your password if there’s no password to steal. It’s a huge step forward in WordPress security and Internet protection and it works great.”

GEMServers provides 24/7 priority e-ticket support, and offers phone support for their top three hosting tiers. Teague emphasized. “I don’t just want problems fixed, I want real relationships built and maintained.“ He is convinced that GEMServers will attract smart businesses, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes who want peace of mind, knowing that their websites are being managed and maintained by real WordPress hosting experts.

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GEMServers LLC is a full-service managed hosting company for WordPress-powered websites, ranging from small business and publishing sites to large enterprise organizations with global presence. Harnessing the power of Google Cloud Platform’s Compute Engine and other industry-leading strategic technology partners, GEMServers provides hosting packages that provide high-performance WordPress page delivery, resources that can instantly scale to meet virtually any demand, and strong, defense-in-depth security firewalls and countermeasures.

GEMServers handles all critical WordPress management and maintenance tasks, from domain names, managed DNS, and SSL certificate procurement, to installations, updates, and encrypted backups of files and data. GEMServers is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN serving North America, Western Europe, and East Asia

John Teague (Founder and CEO)
Rebecca Holmlund (Director of Marketing)

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