Not sure what you need? We can help.

Whether you’re moving an existing site or creating a brand new one, we can help find the right hosting package to fit your needs.

If you’d like some help finding the right hosting package, contact us. We’ll happily perform a free, no-obligation assessment of up to two of your current sites. Then we’ll provide you with a written report of our findings and recommendations, so you can decide on a package that works for you. Our goal is to meet your hosting needs and exceed your expectations. We’ll never push you to buy more than you need, and we’ll be happy to grow with you.

Request Your Free, No Obligation Site Assessment

We’ll ask you some questions and take it from there.

Once you’ve decided on a package, online registration is quick and easy.

After we receive your registration and payment, we’ll set up your GEMServers client account and a home for your first site in 24 hours or less. If you’re starting a new site, we’ll help you get your domain name. All you have to do is ask. If you have an existing site, we’ll ask you for all the information we need to migrate it to your new GEMServers account. When we receive that information, we’ll get right to work on moving your site and getting it up and running. Then we’ll send you links and and login credentials for your live and staging sites.

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GEMServers concierge service keeps working for you.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end after your site is up and running. We believe that our customers should be able to focus exclusively on their WordPress site content. We take care of everything else.

Need a new site? Need to restore your site? Need an SSL certificate? When you want help with hosting-related issues, simply contact us through the GEMServers client portal. An expert hosting concierge will take care of your request quickly and correctly. Want advice on plugins or themes? Looking for a good designer or developer? Just ask. We’ll do our best to advise you on site issues, even if they’re not directly related to hosting.

We’ll take care of all your hosting needs so you can focus on making your site great.

The GEMServers Difference

We don’t charge by pageviews

Many hosting companies charge their customers based on the number of monthly site pageviews. This often includes views by bots and crawlers, which have nothing to do with the popularity of your site, and can lead to costly overage charges. At GEMServers, we don’t think this is fair.

At GEMServers, we recommend hosting packages based on bandwidth requirements, not pageviews. So you pay based on your server load, not your popularity.

We don’t do overage billing

With most hosting companies, exceeding your monthly hosting allotment can result in huge overage charges. At GEMServers, we don’t like surprises, so we won’t do this to you.

If you exceed the monthly bandwidth allowance on your GEMServers account, we’ll contact you to determine the reasons behind the overage. Was it a one-time issue? Have your hosting requirements changed? Instead of slapping you with an overage charge, we’ll work with you to meet your hosting needs in the best way possible.

We don’t work on commission

We are technical people, not salespeople. We don’t think it’s fair to push customers into more expensive plans than they need. But we also don’t want you to be underpowered. Our goal is to fit you with the right hosting package to make your site run smoothly and keep you happy. Of course we’ll also love to help you scale up as your business grows.

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